Components of successful branding on social media are vision, plan, and knowledge about which consumers use what platform.

Consumers Buy from Honest Brands on Social

If you think that being “cool” on social media will help your brand make more sales, you are wrong. Consumers prefer to buy from brands that are honest, friendly and helpful, a survey by Sprout Social finds. Over 80 percent of all 1,000 consumers surveyed say they want the brand they buy from to be both honest and friendly. Only 43 percent expect your brand to be trendy while a mere 33 percent like snarky brands.

Create Value, Not Fun on Social Media

A business social media account should focus on creating value, not fun for the respective customer. Valuable content is a key component of any social media page but valuable content and customer care remains a decisive factor for the success of a brand on social media channels.

A chart showing that consumers expect brands to respond to questions and use video clips on social media but disapprove talking politics and making fun of consumers

Businesses should also put more efforts in researching which social media their customers are using and why. Simply posting on Twitter or Facebook is waste of time if your audience is on Instagram or Snapchat. Facebook is still the most popular platform but if you dig deeper you’ll find that some 51 percent of Millennials are also on Instagram and one-third of them are active on Snapchat. In contrast, only 40 percent of consumers expect a brand to be active on Twitter and engage in conversation there.

Know Where on Social Are Your Customers

Another factor that businesses undermine is that users of different platforms show different tolerance for marketing. The same is true for the three age groups – Millennials, Gen X and Baby Boomers. Do not expect to increase sales through aggressive marketing on LinkedIn, for instance.

Building your brand’s reputation does not need to be restricted solely to promoting your product or service. About two-thirds of consumers appreciate brands’ commenting on world and pop culture events. Just do not make it a newsroom and do not use slang language. And, for God’s sake, do not comment on political events.

Know Your Industry

Building an extraordinary brand personality is not required in industries like banking and finance, insurance or utilities. Building a strong brand on social media does not pay off in these industries because consumers  pay less attention to postings from such organizations unless they are related to a change in service terms or rates. Hence, a business should carefully assess whether it needs a brand personality on social media and what this brand personality should be.

A utility company trying to build funny brand personality will end with up with their postings being blocked by an overwhelming majority of users. Engaging and responding to your audience is another thing, and utility companies are among the best performers in servicing their customers on social, the survey finds.

Quick Responses Pay Off

Currently, it takes a brand 11 hours on average to release a response on social media while brand response rate is a meager 12 percent. That is why those who respond faster are winners on social.

Some 49 percent of consumers tend to make a purchase if a brand answers their question on social. In the end, why do you have your brand on a social media if you are not responding to consumers.


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